MCD Bat, demand zone and 150 fig combination

Whenever there is a huge uptrend, those who are not willing to chase high price always say that they'll wait for pull back.
While there are still people contradicting with themselves that when a pull back actually happens, they change there mind and think,
"the uptrend is over , this is the top!!!!" and starting shorting the stock.

This makes no sense to me, as I'm always willing to chase high with acceptable risk and set-up, and if it did give a pull back, I'm more willing to long.
This is the case for MCD , or even for the stock index.These years, too many people told me that they may wait for pull back to long SPY ,
but when a small pull back happens like the past few days, they change their mind to take the short and believe that's the top..

Plan your trade and trade your plan, and don't change your mind that easily !
Joe宝-- 你的智能交易助手哈哈哈


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