Mona is ready for 300% gain

BITTREX:MONABTC   MonaCoin / Bitcoin
Hello Friends,

Here is the next analysis for you.

I am looking at this coin for more than a week now.

It is consolidating for last 23 days, which is big in the crypto world and hovering around the trendline .

Bigger Picture :

The last consolidation was around 40 days and after that, it grew 3-4 times in 14 days, can history repeat the same? Yes possible. Currently, we are on 23 days of consolidation, would it take 40 days like the previous one? I dnot have an answer. So here is the trade,

Buy now (75000), Exit when the trendline is broken or Buy back at 45000

Target 21000

Stop loss: N/A. It can fall upto 35000.

Timeline for this trade is 31 days (17 more days consolidation + 14 days to grow).

Post your questions.
評論: Well target is 210000
評論: I am holding this coin, My exposure is less and watching this coin. Whenever there is a breakout, I will try to update the same here.

If you see the same, kindly post in the comment section.
評論: MONA couldnot sustain the trendline. It is breaking, I would wait and watch for the confirmation.

Exit on confirmation or Buy back at 57000, and 45000.

Now, the 300% would increase to 400% trade if you are holding it from 50000
評論: Mona at Oversold stage

評論: I bought at 70000 and holding it. I would add more at 50000 levels.

many of our trades are forming, have 3-5% or upto 10% of your portfolio in each coin, not more than that. Because If you have 50% on one coin, when it goes up "Yes" happiest moment but when it goes down "Heart would pump a lot" :) lol. So split your investments. Look your NAV (Net asset value) of your portfolio, it should be in profit.
評論: Well, lot of action here. 25% up today.
評論: A solid upside movement from 47000, it has to break 63000 to do the rally.

41 days of consolidation over and it is building the pace slowly. - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
now new buy or not?
@mmsavani, Hi there, I have mentioned the below in my view

"Buy now (75000), Exit when the trendline is broken or Buy back at 45000 "
It's oversold on the 4H chart, Do you think it'll go up? @maheswar81
@v4ibh4v, You are right. But D is going down towards oversold. So I would hold and add more at on dips.
v4ibh4v maheswar81
@maheswar81, Okay Sir. :D
Previous breakouts had doubble bottoms forming, should we wait for this to happen this time?
maheswar81 zeamonkey
@zeamonkey, please post your chart
Any update?
maheswar81 ilcaso1990
@ilcaso1990, Buy now (75000), Exit when the trendline is broken or Buy back at 45000
ilcaso1990 maheswar81

Order book looks good.
Any target for this coin?
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