MTLBTC - Metal Pay App Launch + Rebrand Q1 2018 (+470-680%)

BITTREX:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
Metal is a social payments mobile platform that enables users to request & send cryptocurrencies and fiat to their friends + rewards program.

Metal is looking for a breakout following the anticipation of their Metal Pays Me mobile app launch. Indicators showing the Bullish reversals are clear (see BNT for example) and likely this is when insiders start their early accumulation prior to key announcements.

If MTL falls below bullish trend line - trade void.

Holding Period - 3 Months
Expected Gains - 470-680%

- Breakout against longterm downtrend
- MACD reversal
- 4Hr Kumo breach
- Playing the fibs
- Bullish trendline
- MMAR reversal

- New website & branding Q1 2018 before Metal Pay is released
- App launch
- Banking Integrations
- PoPP (Proof of Processed Payments)
- Pay flagship product that allows users to make payments with just a phone number
- Siri Integration

評論: 0.145 - key resistance (watch for cross - v. important)
評論: Unlucky - metal delisted from Bittrex and tanked prices. BNT still doing well, following trendline.
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