Will Wong

MU: Wave 4 completed. Wave 5 in progress

1009 12 12
MU: Wave 5 in progress
評論: Overshot Wave I. wave ii target revised to $56

評論: I really think MU is due for a correction. The MACD is in the extreme high condition.

評論: Wave 2 of 5 retracement of Fib 61.8% takes MU to $47++.

Do you think there is room to grow more given that it is 2 days left to ER?
Thank you!! MU 61 :) so strong, reached .618? What’s next?
Will Wong redapple2017
Wave ii target revised upwards. @redapple2017,
redapple2017 Will Wong
@Will Wong, Thanks :)
redapple2017 Will Wong
@Will Wong, At wave i I got in at 46.8 and out at 60, thank you :) $$$, waited for wave ii done, got in again at 47.5, it then went up to around 54, I set a stop right at 47.5, it was stopped out couple of days later. It looks like wave ii is a 5 waves down, and it might be finished? Or could go down further to .786 $43?
Thank you Will
Will Wong mialito77
@mialito77, Welcome.
mialito77 Will Wong
@Will Wong, For me to understand your target better, are you suggesting that it is going to 52 in the next few days before it retraces a bit back to 46-47 area ? thank you
Will Wong mialito77
@mialito77, wave 1-5 targets are clearly shown.
mialito77 Will Wong
@Will Wong, yes I saw that Will and thank you for posting .... But I also saw the dates, are they guesstimates or more realistic ? Thank you for your swift response ... greatly appreciated
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