Mysterium Cup & Handle 150% (Trade) Opportunity

BITTREX:MYSTUSD   Mysterium / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Alright, I have no idea what this coin is. But I see an opportunity here. I've been searching hard for some coins that can give us life here during this short tern bear market. I like this one.

I see a very nice cup and handle . We're currently working on the handle right now. I will update with another post on what I'm seeing currently, with entry opportunity and short term targets.

There is a chance that this trade just never becomes active because I see something that I don't like. So i will play this one by ear and move in if I like what I see.

Target is around $6.80. Entries and play by play coming soon.

We're getting a flat ABC correction. IF it stays bullish on the 40 RSI, then I will enter. This trade is likely to take place tomorrow, I will look at my indicators for help on this one. Smaller cap coins can typically fool you in targets, but a useful analysis of fib levels, RSI and MACD can help reduce risk in this.

Remember, this is more of a high risk trade. But I will try my best to reduce as much risk as possible by continuing to keep focus on this trade and waiting for the best time to enter. I may not ever enter or activate this trade if I don't like what I see. But there is a nice opportunity here. Play by play will come if there is activation. So those that are still learning and want to take the chance, I will try to be here for assistance.

I have not entered yet. We want to stay patient here on this entry. We have another line of support. If we hit that, then we are likely to consolidate for the next few days and finish an ABCDE pattern.
手動結束交易: LOL i have to close the trade before we even start it!! It's being delisted from Bittrex on January 28th. So I think that is the cause of this dump. This trade is officially over guys, sorry!

LOL. This one takes the crown for worst projection hahahaha. Holy crap. This is why I shouldn't do low market cap coins.

It actually hit a support line holy cow hahahaha. JAWS OF WEALTH!!
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