NEO Cup and Handle :)

Hi Trading View Family

What can I say here hmmm...? NEO has a great long term potential, especially in the China space. It has been consolidating for months. We can see a C&H forming for the past month and an even larger one on a greater time scale.

I've been in NEO since $65, waiting for it to hit ATH again. One of the few coins to have done so in a few months. Let's see where this bad boy goes. Last time i dropped a C&H chart was with LTC. You can see it here.

IOTA is doing well for me and has a similar C&H formation as well.

Short Term Traders/investors: you can buy the recent dip and just sell the correction back north.
Long term investors: Load up at the bottom of the dip and anticipate movements to $90-100+ There is news coming in mid-late Jan for NEO coming out of their Bitcoin Conference.

Fun stuff :) Not one of my most in depth TA's, but i hope this helps!

Happy New years :)
評論: NEO is formulating perfectly here. Last time i saw something this clean was with LTC before the 400% Bump weekend.

Not saying that NEO will hit a 400% gainer, but it is definitely a big contender in the crypto space, especially in Asia. If we know one thing, Chinese governments love control.

Get ready for an analogy why i think NEO will have a big 2018 year. Let's say crypto's time frames are about 2x-4x faster than regular stocks.

We have seen a massive spike in NEO's inception and a massive decline over the past 6 months... I saw the same thing with Alibaba (BABA) Stock a massive up tick at IPO and a steady decline to bottoms for about 1 year. Now BABA is trading north of $182 from bottoms of $45 USD in less than a year and a half.

Take the same rough analogy with NEO with a big uptick 6-month decline and we can see NEO at $240-250 range within Q1 of 2018. Considering the expedited growth of crypto...the upcoming projects for NEO and more NEWs coming end of Jan.

I am personally long in NEO. You cannot refute that Asia is a big player in the market and whatever hands is being played behind closed doors, NEO will be a winner for 2018.
評論: I forgot to drop this but i got into TRX yesterday during the flash crash :) PROFIT!
Here are my current holdings NEO, TRX, NVG, IOTA, LTC, BTC

All great coins to go long in. Looking at RDD as well :D sitting at 50-100% ROI for the week
評論: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TRX <3 550% in one day. My private group is dancing in profits!
評論: Since NEO is on the down atm and BTC is up, I wanted to share this with u all. I have placed and day traded this chart :) and it is 100% accurate for BTC's movement.

Enjoy. (you will have to readjust the right hand chart to September of 2017, you can see the perfect movements)

評論: Congrats to everyone who is patient :)
good prediction
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Where will be the target point of Neo ?
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regalia mohammad233b
@mohammad233b, $120 for me. but i'm highly agressive... imho i think NEO will hit $300-500 around Q2-Q3
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regalia mohammad233b
@mohammad233b, $120 short term $ 150 within the next two weeks
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Great write up. Thanks for your insight and effort.
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Nice analysis, volume still low compared to other coins right, so only the start of a huge upswing.
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@BBOM, agreed slow and steady is fine by me. I dont mind a tall asss launching pad when we start going parabolic :) more $$$ that way.
NEO, so ripe, long overdue for a pumpitty pump pump. Do you think it's a matter of days or weeks?
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regalia jeremyalain
@jeremyalain, OH def... did you see that 3 month consolidation? We are seeing a gradual growth. :) Let's see if money will flow this way to pump
I have been long on NEO for about a month. I keep adding. Currently 40% of my holdings is NEO. 2018 will be explosive and i plan to take part in ICOs as well.
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