Exhausing 5th Wave, Bat everywhere

On 4h chart, neo has been developing 5 wave structure, during its 5th wave with weakening momentum.Also similar structure u can find on MACD , with a rising tail , hints a potential bullish reversal.

Besides,exetention zone of 3rd wave 0.00483-0.00444 is the PRZ or probably end of the 5th wave, easing the downside momentum as well.

Furthermore, there is also a bullish bat , the at least 4th bat I found tonight, wondering if am entering a batcave, and be about to meet the

Seriouly, combined with analysis above and price action, if price pullback above 0.005, will consider to set up buying orders target to 0.0630 level.

Oct 17
評論: TP1 hit at 0.0055, futher advance
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