NEOBTC - A Buying Opportunity Soon

NEO has been following the trend line nicely on the daily. Now it looks like we're coming down to test the trend line again, why? Bearish candles, all of the indicators pointing down, it's a good sign we will go down a bit more.

I'd say wait for about 3 days, don't just buy when we touch the trend line but rather wait til we get a bullish confirmation candle.

I will keep you guys updated with entry points and stop loss in the following days.

We are starting to close in our buying zone, remember that we should wait for a bullish confirmation before we buy. But it's looking good, looks like downward momentum has almost stopped completely and no we're chilling at 0.786 fib support.

We are now at the trend line support, wait an additional day to see if we will bounce upwards or not. Indicators are still bearish.
評論: We have now bounced on the trend line. I will wait one more day to see how we close. If we a bullish candlestick pattern tomorrow I will enter.
評論: I have now entered NEO.


I closed my trade because I believe NEO is being manipulated right now, and having BTC futures closing today I see a lot of people talking about a further drop.

I've been watching the order book and it's obvious that it's being manipulated, big buy and sell walls keeping us stagnant. -Premium & VIP Crypto Trading Platform, for advanced and beginners.

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Hey Raticom, you entered NEO now? At around 0.012404? I was hoping Neo would correct and go lower :(
Remm_Unknown Remm_Unknown
Sorry that was meant for @mafaizer
mafaizer Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, I entered at 0.01248000 :)
@mafaizer, thanks Mafaizer, hmm I am debating whether to go in.. what do you think the next target is then? I am abit hesitant because many people think on 26th Jan there maybe a dip
mafaizer Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, The futures contract end on 26th Jan, if anything that should cause the price to go up.
@mafaizer, haha nooo I was hoping for a big dip so I can buy more :(
thanks for the TA, its hard to spot a good time for entry, you think neo will go down in a few days? seems to be very solid
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raticom Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, we have to watch closely BTC´s movements too, but I´m sure NEO is going to break 0.0150 wall soon.
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