$NEO small retrace before next leg to new ATH?

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
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After this deep retrace for NEO and dumps last days, I bought a decent amount of NEO for the mid to long term.
On the left chart I notice that it bounced off from the long term support line, indicating that it might have started its next leg to a new ATH .

Short term it broke out of the smaller downtrend and bouncing in a reversal pattern which can give you a great chance to get open some trades a bit lower as its trading now.

Targets determined with Fibonacci Extensions.

Trading advise: traders who prefer to be more on the safe side wait for a break out of the bigger pennant .
Short term traders can step in once retracing to the smaller blue box.

SL should be placed below the long term trendline , below 55k sat.

Happy trading!
評論: Trying to find support on the long term carefull!
What do you think about NEO in long-term (6-12 month)? I stuck in at 0.01 on the top. I did not want to trade only invest, but It is a bit scary now...
Crypto_Ed LaszloPetovari
@LaszloPetovari, i think in the long run this will be good. Also on my list to add more and more and more ;-)
@Crypto_Ed, Thank for the answer, nice of You! I will be persistent (and do not realize the loss).

I do not want to abuse with your patience but can I ask the same about OMG? I follow your chart
so considering my situation is the same in it:
What do you think about OMG in long-term (6-12 month)? I stuck in at 0.0024 on the top.
Thank you! All the best!

I agree with you. Nothing has changed on the fundamentals and it is still very much in demand from china.
If the BTC will go up or stay stable and if the added 10 million NEO on the 16th won't inflate it. I think it will drop for the time being until the fork.
what 10mil??
Gaan we geen correctie zien door bitcoin gold eerst?
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netjes hoor. blauwe box net aangeraakt, en bounce. damn je bent goed Ed. Maar is dan de blauwe lijn weer de eerste resistance lijn waarschijnlijk? Bedankt voor al je inzichten. groet
@renzooh, nee, in mijn optiek niet. De cyclus stopt bij break down naar beneden
renzooh Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, ok, gesnopen. tnx voor de wijze raad. Geloof me, als ik niet zo'n lelijk verlies had geleden met een domme hoge inkoop op MTH, zou ik je groep joinen. Maar ben blij dat ik hier nog een hoop kan leren. Zoals Berry Stevens vroeger zei; "vooral doorgaan zo"... groet.
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