$VIA bouncing from bottom

BITTREX:VIABTC   ViaCoin / Bitcoin
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VIA made a deep retrace in last days altcoins dumps, all the way back to the bottom of this pennant .
It surprised me, but its a great chance to add more to my portfolio.

With a very active developer, I'm (long term) looking for new ATH's for VIA.
Right now its showing strong bounce from the bottom and break out of the short term downtrend.

Trading advise: buy this bounce, traders who want to play it more safe wait for the break out of this pattern but this bottom looks strong to me.

Happy trading!
Oct 12
評論: Back to support in todays dump
VIA is woke up! I wish VIA break out pattern.
good sir, may god bless your soul for providing good analysis for free.
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thank you for the analysis!
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