NEO: The Chinese "Ethereum". The "Next" Big One? $200 or $300?

After my prediction that NEO was going to hit $100 (see this post: "NEOUSD: Another Chance To BUY Before $100"), it EASILY reached that mark and just a little higher. But now it is stalling there. What's next? After taking a 2nd look at this technically, it does look as if this is going to be going MUCH HIGHER! I would not be surprised to see $200 or even $300!

If you didn't know what NEO is, it is most often called the "Chinese Ethereum". I'm not going to go into the technical details behind it. You can do a Google search and learn all about it is you want to. But there is one thing you should know as to why its value is climbing....it is one of the ONLY cryptocurrencies that is actually ALLOWED to keep operating in China after China pretty much banned most of them. If you know anything about China, it is that companies favored by the government have a HUGE leg up on any competition within China! You only need to look as far as Alibaba, Taobao, WeChat and other home grown companies that took something born somewhere else and exploded it within China. That is where NEO is right now. It is pretty much the TOP crypto in China because it is China's homegrown crypto. As long as it retains favor by the government, it will continue to grow.

Given that fact alone, it has MUCH upside potential as long as it does not run afoul of the Chinese authorities. So far, the way they have developed the technology, it is fully compliant with CURRENT Chinese "laws" regarding cryptocurrency. Now whether it will ever gain worldwide acceptance is another story. To be continued......
awesome prediction!
1000 in this year
i didnt understand where to trade neo / proba bably true to B honest /
EverythingForex super30.evero
@super30.evero, what do you mean? You don't know where to buy NEO?
super30.evero EverythingForex
@EverythingForex, yes where to buy ?
artrogish super30.evero
@super30.evero, You can locate markets for any crypto at coinmarketcap.com. Click on the coin name then click on markets. Try Kucoin, Hitbit, Coinegg, and other exchanges.
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