NXT the scam coin.

NXT have touched the 0.78 Fib retracement and has break out from the trendline but it still going sideways. The TA looks good, It apperas it has completed an falling wedge pattern, but it seems it`s a part of a bigger falling wedge pattern. CCI and RSI seems regaining some power but we still dont see any solid movement and the charts looks VERY weak, it keeps making fake break outs. Either we will see some movement this month or it will continue to move sideways for couple of months and becoming a long trade, which is everybody doesnt want to.

This is probably the worst coin ive ever known. Now this isnt about what their goals or about their project. what they`ve done do is lure people to buy NXT to cover up the whales who gonna bail out when the ship is sinking with the free IGNIS airdrop, IGNIS price has sky rocketed before 30 december, with the traders mindset hoping for a big gains seeing that chart they adding fuel to the current fire with posting IGNIS charts on their twitter and how IGNIS sky rocketed just in few days,etc. Now they know that bubble is gonna explode and the whales will sell like crazy, look at 25-27 dec the downtrend has started and people are getting fcked up bcs             buying NXT in a downtrend. I never participate in this kind of airdrop but i decided to try and it become one of the most decision i regret now, they know NXT wont survive without new traders covering up for the big whales and THEM who bail out in the downtrend. 1st JAN instead of giving people their coins they destroy the IGNIS price with making it going so high so the price can go down, they play this cheap tricks where they hold their investors free IGNIS until the price go down, make the traders take the loss and they enjoy the big profits. Now i know why people calling this coin SCAM and DEAD coin its bcs             they are bunch of SCAMMERS. There are only 3 exchange that trading IGNIS right now and all of them dont accept IGNIS deposits, why? i think you know the answer, and all that 3 exchange are all small exchange except HITbtc. Well played they just played their investors and make people lose trust on them, i dont think a legit team will play a cheap tricks like this. Many people on bittrex still waiting for their free airdrop and have lost 50-80% of their money, this is a massacare.
評論: Possible Upwards and Side movement
NXT is not scam
You are wrong on it
NXT will recover huge massive soon
And what is the result? I will give Ignis on poloniex? or I will suck a huge dick
versohner versohner
@versohner, sorry bittrex
IGNIS price "sky rocketed" after the snapshot, idiot. It's not a scam only because u bought high hahaha. Just give it two weeks, come back to me and say sorry.
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arvincash88 ashleybean883
@ashleybean883, i think your small brain need to read my post once again and understand it before you speak, let me explain it short so your idiotic brain can understand, in my post i already said that NXT beginning to recover and everybody who participate in IGNIS airdrop are buying in the high because the snapshot is before 28th december and people buying on 25-27 december in the downtrend, thats the only way to get IGNIS so wtf are you talking about? basically you`re saying all the people who bought at 25-27 dec are all idiot, but they`re the one who cover up the whales massive sell off. This is an healthy recovery and im saying its a scam bcs THEY lure people to buy NXT to cover up the massive sell off by the whales their tactics is a scam not because i bought high, please see what i wrote about the IGNIS team holding people`s IGNIS and the exchange part. In the post i wrote "Either we will see some movement this month or it will continue to move sideways for couple of months and becoming a long trade". I think everybody learned to read until finish then talk in school. Please keep your stupidity to your own.
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tell us how you really feel lol
People seems can't wait NXT recovery. NXT dump will come soon or later. Look at ARDR's price look like "Captain has been abandoned ship"
@nghiavt, everybody has dumped NXT and the selling seems already finished, you can check at coinmarketcap yesterday it have only 40m volume and today its 38m but you can look at the chart even though we got low volume but it started to get some recovery even though its weak movement, i think we either will see a huge movement before the end of this month or if its still going sideways im sure more people will dump NXT because that will means this will be a long trade that takes couple of months before going up.
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nghiavt arvincash88
@arvincash88, Another dump is comming......
I spoke soooo much about NXT on my facebook channel. This whale manipulation from Dec.22 was clear. We knew the coin would fall 24hrs going into the airdrop. The whales came in for an early feeding and left early.
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