NZDUSD Beaish Cypher Pattern

FX:NZDUSD   紐元 / 美元
Bearish cypher on NZDUSD in confluence with trendline and daily price action. final drop befor push up
交易結束:目標達成: Took profits before market close at 140 pips!
why is trading so hard? :( I got in at a good support area i thought around .7317 and it has just been ranging around .7400-.7330. Ugh! I believe it is going down, but hate being stuck in trades for days. Good sign I have not been stopped out yet. Usually when I am wrong I get stopped out pretty fast so I believe down is where we are heading! ;)
@pipking88, Hey pipking, sorry about the late response, usually when i'm out trading i'm not looking over comments till the weekend, will adjust my habits! how did you fair with the trade? It seems you entered the markets earlier last week around the the 9th? when we were still in our up trend, i'm guessing you where trading that double top perhaps? a good way to not get faked out by late entries is to pay attention to DXY and Market structure as the dollar was dropping sharply last week . Studying Market structure on higher time frames will allow you to come in with more precise entries so you don't have to endure the volatility of the market, another thing i highly recommend some trade psychology books to get over the long term trading fears and chat with traders podcast is definitely great as well. Happy trading.
pipking88 MilanTradesFXC
@MilanTradesFXC, trade turned out great! made 74 pips from it and was able to get into a eur/usd sell right afterwards that made another 70 pips. But now stuck in a eur/aud trade for 2 days now and is going against me a lot. At the moment I am losing 80 pips, but feel it is in a good selling zone. Got in sunday at 1.6014 and take profit at 1.5850. Hopefully it will turn around soon. :)
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