$OMG going for another run?

BITFINEX:OMGBTC   OmiseGo / Bitcoin
I was quite surprised when I scrolled through my charts and noticed suddenly this pennant .
For some weeks alreay, I was focused on some more downside towards that blue box so I didnt notice this pennant before......

This could break out very soon for a big move upwards.
Target is on the chart (0,03000+)

Tradingadvice: wait for the break out AND confirmation, formed by a Trend Continuation Pattern.
SL should be placed below the broken trendline but traders who are familiar with the fundamentals of this coin (I'm not) could think about placing below 0,018.

Check my link below for educational post about trading break outs.

評論: Breakout followed by a classic retest.
Pulled back into my targetbox and already back on its way up.

Nothing to see here, move on ;-)

評論: Targetbox was lowered a bit due to that dip a few days ago and was reached today
they will cooperate with Google. That's the reason for the current surge.
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Great timing!
You nailed this! Thanks!!
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Already in from 0,0020-0,0021 and following this analysis very closely. I kinda bought a little high but my expectations are this TA high as well.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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@lexg, tnx for the info
lexg Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, you're most welcome! Appreciate your work :) Thank you!
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