Omisego/Bitcoin - Possible Cup and Handle?

BINANCE:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
326 4

- In new price trend
- Ascending triangles
- MACd looking to cross on the 4 hour charts
- Possible Cup and Handle?
評論: This is from the 15 min chart:

- volume stoll holding nicely, just beware the BTC price movements, as most alts follow Bitcoin's price fluctuations.
- possible reverse H&S.
- falling wedge, perhaps a bull flag?
評論: 30 moin chart:

- Omisego has broken out of the first ascending triangle (light blue), and now is bouncing within a new ascending triangle (black lines).
- Now hovering around 0.786 Fib Retracement level, if omisego can move past this with momentum, a new bull run should be expected.
- There is a bigger ascending triangle (dotted lines), if OMG can break out of that, expect new ATHs.

Omisego holding strong while bitcoin fluctuates. A good sign indeed. That being said, a btc correction below 9k will surly hit OMG hard, as it will with every other alt.
評論: From the 30 min chart:
- ascending triangles have been broken, with positive momentum moving upwards. --- how high can omisego go?

評論: MACd on the 3o min has crossed downwards, indicating omisego see a little correction, before further bullish movement.
Even though the MACd has crossed, OMG still holding well above Ichimoku cloud - great signs.
評論: #0 min chart showing a nice Bull Flag forming, Omisego definitely looks like it can go much higher. - Maybe need some time to consolidate.
Within that Bull Flag we have some pretty standard Elliot Wave patterns forming.
- We have Elliot Triangle Waves (A-E).
-Within that Elliot Triangle Wave, we can see the ABC correction movements
as well as the ABC impulse movements that are forming the overall Elliot
Triangle Wave (A-E).
looking good, any updates?
Vermillionz andybev12
@andybev12, Omisego is a long hold for me, so i dont plan on selling for any upcoming dips. But i have noticed despite the btc fluctuations in price, omisego has remained relatively strong in its price structure and still continues in the ascending triangle, which is definitely a bullish sign.
If btc can get back on track and behave, omisego will most likely take off sooner than later.
andybev12 Vermillionz
@Vermillionz, BTC still trying to reverse. i do agree with you that OMG is a good long-term investment. i just wonder how priced-in it really is. with all the big things it has planned this year i'm curious to see how much it moves once the market stabilizes.
Vermillionz andybev12
@andybev12, If BTC can behave, OMISEGO should take off in a bullish manner. We already popped out of the light blue ascending triangle, making our way to the top of the larger (dotted-line) ascending triangle. If we can surpass this, the next test zone will be 0.001845 Fib Retracement level. Hoping OMG can move up pas this Fib zone.
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