OMG is breaking out

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
269 4
For how long u think its gonna be below 10USD...
nobody will breakt out until btc says so -
@WALTERWONKA, I mean, im checking the top 20 on cmc, and it seems like....well.....there may in fact be 1 name on the list that isnt currently being completely controlled by btc lol. Try telling the smart investors in South Korea who understand that the team up of Omg and Shinhan is amazing that they should wait for btc to move back up lol
@CryptoBrando, :) lets see. Not get me wrong i have a big position in OMG but i dont think that now is the time.
@WALTERWONKA, @CryptoBrando Probably will happen in the future. I agree, now is not the time. It has created a rising wedge or bear flag in the past two days. Historically OMG has always broken downward since both patterns are continuation patterns. The overall trend is downward.
Unless OMG announces some major Fundamentals with definite dates, I don't see how we'll be having a trend reversal at the moment.
P.S. I'm bearish until BTC has a proper algo fib jump like we did when we hit 6k.
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