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Hey, you guys want a quick return? Let's play this correction, wait for bullish divergence on RSI and target $26.32 for a quick 46% gain. Remember, DONT enter until a bullish divergence is COMPLETED on the 30 minute scale.

A lot of coins I'm seeing are showing this same bullish flag ABCDE pattern. Bitcoin's run is done, expect alts to bounce here.

I knew something was up.. It was taking too long! Stay in this trade and you have a 132% return coming your way!
交易進行: Bullish momentum. We still have NOT seen our first impulse wave up yet. All we have seen is an WXY correction. Currently in a bullish channel that we should escape from!

Running out of letters. Holy crap. The good news is that when things trade sideways or even channel for this long, usually there is an accumulation phase going one. There is just a weaving in and out of bears and bulls here. Not BIG signs of bearishness yet.

Good Lord OMG! I said this was suppose to be quick!! If we don't break out of this hell hole on this run we're likely to stall again for another day or 2... smh
評論: BOOM!! Verge Explodes and hits my initial target!! I will update with a new target and wave count! This is what patience rewards!!

I have to say, though. This was anything but quick hahaha

So there is no alternate wave count here. I THINK that this is right. This run can very well go higher. IF this is the end of wave 3, the yellow line is our critical support. The count on this one is a little difficult, but I'm still targeting around $43 for OMG.

Dammit I suck at updating

This correction shouldn't continue much longer. But after the first correction we analyzed, WHO KNOWS.

Welp it broke my support line! haha! A lot of bad news this morning, lets find some opportunity! OMG still looks healthy to me along with Mona, Verge and NXT. We may have a nice 15% or more opportunity here. If we stall at the resistance line and MACD levels out, expect another hit around the bottom support or so. If it doesn't stall, then w can actually head up to our $43 target !

Market is really slow, you know I'm bored when I start to measure angles.

But no really, Based off of top line resistance and this strong bottom line support, wave 3 angle of 38 degrees, I think we can continue this trend for an 83% return in 11 and a half days. I really hope we break that resistance line. Because 83% in 12 days is really not that much hahaha, not in this market.

Alright forget all the angles and the other BS. This coin is in a triangle ready to go up. Does that mean our next wave is going to start? No, but there may be a nice profit opportunity here.

If you are on OMG be careful here. It shouldn't have stalled there at resistance. I'm seeing this WYX all over the market.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is it. May need to correct for a while longer.

Nearing the end of consolidation? Everything is following my evil plan. If we break the white support line, we are likely to head to the bronze one. Wave 5 could be a slow ride.

Alright guys, I REALLY like what I'm seeing here. I'm getting the same upside down head and shoulders that I see on Civic. It's possible that that "X" was our wave one and we are on wave 2 consolidation. We need to break through that breakout point to keep momentum for that short term target box.

I'm just waiting for this uptrend to be over. OMG has had us waiting far too long haha!
So whats your take on the market being slow ? Or is this just normal ?
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@JDiBs, It's normal. A lot of coins are sitting on 2nd and 4th waves right now. It may take a while before it starts to really kick again. Market sentiment is just waiting for something good or bad to happen before they join in. Just one big waiting game right now.
Your last comment says "Verge"....wrong coin. This is OMG.
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Eball8 cryptomonger
@cryptomonger, hahaha i see verge is all i can think about!
are you still optimistic that this trade will activate soon?

Eball8 Faye_108
@Faye_108, Oh shit i thought I already activated it! Thanks!
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