Ontology in an Ascending Triangle Bullish Pattern.

BINANCE:ONTBTC   Ontology / Bitcoin
Hey, I am back with another Technical Analysis , this time looking at Ontology, which is acting the whole time on market really strong, huge runups quick consolidations.

Last time I posted Ontology in Falling wedge, it had breakout only about 15% in the reason of bitcoin fall due to fact that Bitcoin wasnt able break 10k at first try. There were more times that I have posted some price action on Ontology that is about to do, and they all went perfect, I ve even posted a free signal buy opportunity at 4,700 :).

Moving on.

Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform.
Ontology provides new high-performance public blockchains that include a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems.

That was in short about Ontology, lets take a look at the chart.

Lots of pattern can be seen, Penant, Falling Wedge and currently an Ascending Triangle . The Previous two has led to breakout so it could third time as well.. what else to say.. Yes there is strong support zone at 9,000 - 8700. I see ONT falling to these zone only if Bitcoin will see major selloff otherwise is not likely.

Last thing for me is to look at the Indicators and what have they said to me?

MACD - Was expecting sellers to come but havent arrived and currently it looks like they are dissapearing again and buyers are incoming.. about to gave buy signal if the trend line will be follown.
RSI - Bounced off its support level , heading to break the bullish level.

So I think thats about it.. If you have any Questions feel free to ask me down bellow or at my discord channel!

Hope I made your view on whats going on with Ontology somehow clearer.
If you like this TA let me know in the comments, Likes are aprreciated, Thanks !

If this gets a little bit of attention, I will update!
評論: Penant has occured.
評論: When Pennant has occured it was more like 50/50, but when Bitcoin has breakdown, there was no way, ONT will break or even hold at that price level, currently heading back at to old levels with strong uptrend.
still looks like a good buy ?
@iviko02, Looks good.
Great work Tibor as always, ONT looks nice charged :-)

Just that BNB Cup & Handle I was expecting better UP what do you think about it at the moment? Thank you for your opinion and your analysis, I wish you a lot of success!
@tomyV10, Thanks, BNB havent broken out yet, its a daily chart that usually takes longer time for some major price action, currently forming second side of the handle.
tomyV10 TiborVrbovsky
@TiborVrbovsky, Thanks Tibor, I hope that BTC will not get it up to 0.5 Fib. 0.0012491 i'm will hold position max. on 0.618 Fib. You are right C & H is on the daily chart and you need to give the BNB more time.
Thanks for the info!!
@tomyV10, Sure thing, good luck trading.
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