Crypto Trading Method That Made Me A Millionaire

BITTREX:PARTUSD   Particl / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
* Use Crypto/Fiat Pairs only for this method *

Buying when a short term bubble busts in worthwhile cryptocurrency projects is how I became a millionaire. I'm gonna share a very basic method for doing this, with an example opportunity.

Look for a chart with the basic exponential rise, the "hockey stick up", the top of the bubble, which then finally crashes back down with a big sell off. This pattern happens repeatedly across Bitcoin 5.91% and also Alt-Coins.

When to buy? It's basically a spin off the %B indicator:
%B = (Price - Lower Band)/(Upper Band - Lower Band)

Instead of the "Lower Band" from the Bollinger Bands , we will use the the last lowest consolidation price, where prices were basically flat for an extended period (deemed as the 0%).

Instead of the "Upper Band" from the Bollinger Bands , we find the high of the bubble, after it has crashed (deemed as the 100%).

A great entry price for buying is anything <= the 30% level between these two prices.

So for Particl the "Upper Band" to use is roughly $50 and the "Lower Band" is roughly $9, the difference is $41. And 30% of $41 is $12.30; add that to the 0% level of $9, for roughly $21.30.

Therefore, you can be sure that anything lower than $21.30 is a great price. That's right now guys!

I think Particl is a worthwhile cryptocurrency project, well-funded, with a solid dev team. Also looks like we are on the cusp of this project's most important software development release, their long awaited decentralized marketplace which is focused on privacy. Buying in before software development releases is also a great trading method.

I try to get in at <= this 30% level price and hold through at least the next pump. Rinse and repeat.

To clarify, I still believe the fundamentals on this one are solid, and I don't see that changing.
I'm still long. The entire alt-coin market is in panic mode. Looks like things could take up to a year or so to turn around. In the meanwhile, will continue collecting additional coins via staking rewards. Have decided to sit this one out, for the long haul. Will post updates if outlook changes. Good luck, everyone!
thanks :)
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