ParkByte (PKB) – Buy Opportunity (540% Profits Potential)

BITTREX:PKBBTC   ParkByte / Bitcoin
ParkByte ( PKB             ) reached its all time high back in June 2017 @ 0.00096. After that, there has been a long period of slow movement, not much growth, but now the coin is breaking out of this high trend line , and it is reason for some new action.

Let’s look at the details. Let’s see what the charts have to say. Let’s profit from this trade.

*** Indicators

- We will start with the one day chart. Look at the red trend-line, this is the line that I just mentioned above that was broken… Take a look…
- After this breakaway, we have 4 green candles on the daily chart and all the indicators showing bullish signals. These indicators include the MACD , RSI , STOCH , DMI and OBV.
- You are now aware that I am more interested on the weekly chart, as this one gives us a wider and much bigger and longer term perspective.
- On the weekly chart, the last four candles are positive. Which means 4 week straight of upward action.
- The MACD crossed over and is pointing upwards. The RSI is bullish and also moving up. The STOCH is sitting at the bottom and pointing up. The DMI still has plenty of room for growth. Many positive signals on this set up.

*** Instructions

Buy-in: 0.000134 – 0.000169

(This coin chart shows pump & dump activity. To protect yourself against pump and dumpers, please set your sell orders automatically. Meaning, place several orders for how many coins you want to sell at each target now).

(1) 0.000311
(2) 0.000435
(3) 0.000637
(4) 0.000964

Stop-loss: 0.00010509

Message of the day

Learn to also enjoy the slow days.

These are also great.

Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”
評論: Buy-in: If the price goes above the buy-in range. Just wait until tomorrow and you can buy lower. So you can buy lower, just tomorrow rather than today. Pretty simple. :)
交易進行: We are moving strongly.

Thanks for your continued support.
評論: Looks like ParkByte (PKB) had enough with 3 days of consolidation. It is resuming the climb up.
評論: PKB is looking strong on the weekly chart with a huge bullish signal from the MACD, a crossover.

The RSI ans STOCH are also trending bullish.

Here is the weekly chart:

The daily chart shows a clear uptrend but it needs more momentum to take off. - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
stop loss reached
is it still a buy-in? sorry for annoying question but it looks like its down now?
+1 回覆
BeerdHead EliWilson-Berkowitz
if youre sitting on BTC and can buy, its a strong buy right now, under 13k is a very advantageous entry - leaves you at 70-90% profit near 00021000 to 00025000 which is the pivot/ breakout range for past resistance
DotsKit EliWilson-Berkowitz
@EliWilson-Berkowitz, It hit the stop-loss, might be best to wait a while more.
Happy Friday Alan! Thanks again for all the insight!!
+1 回覆
Ive been trading for ‘all of 6 weeks’ (so I am VERY inexperienced) I started with $3k (which I borrowed!!), I have turned that into $21k....(by following Master Alan's trades exactly as he says.) If you are not making profits by following the Master, you need to see where your going wrong... ( I paid my debt back btw!) Thank you Master
+4 回覆
houseofari game-changer
@game-changer, I've made a bit of profit, but nothing close to 7 times my initial investment. I had close to 2.5 times, but BTC really did a number on me, so I'm down to 1.3x. What's your strategy when it comes to the targets? Have you invested in all of his trades? If not, how do you pick? I've been trading for four weeks, so I'm waaay more inexperienced than you :P

+1 回覆
satertrading PRO game-changer
@game-changer, congratulations on a fine start! We could all hope to be so fortunate.
One person hating on every single one of Alan's trades, whilst everyone else making profits. we're very sorry for your bad luck !!!! Please follow trades carefully and try work out where you're going wrong, because while you slate every trade we're all getting rich !!!!!!!
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