Some mapped Elliott waves for POE coin at request.

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評論: Looking good!
Can you please give an update for POE?
thomas58700 rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, Everything on the market seems to be consolidating slowly, not much is moving
+1 回覆
Are you still optimistic about this trade? Wondering is i should hold ore move on..
@Abster, I'm thinking what just happened was an abc correction
@Abster, So a low of 790 is possible here
@Abster, Did this analysis too quick, it was a quick elliott wave map for someone in discord; it pushed into the 1.618 zone, therefore it needed an abc correction
Abster thomas58700
@thomas58700, Hmm still wrapping my head around al these terms. Going to looking if what u mean is positive for me (holding right now) ore negative ;) Thanks for the response.
@Abster, positive ;)
Abster thomas58700
@thomas58700, hihi thanks
How long do you think it will take wave 5 to complete?
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