Missed opportunity!!! Let s go in now

BINANCE:POEBTC / Bitcoin,the token for content creators and publishers reached its ATH 1.54% on 5th Jan.It then retraced to almost 80%.It accumulated by forming a triangle and broke out of it last week which I failed to notice.So two targets were already reached unnoticed.Now it has formed a flag which is still a good level to open a new position.
RSI hasn't entered the oversold region.So the big waves hasn't shown up yet.
Targets are mentioned in the chart.Secure your profits at those levels.
Buy zone 0.000005-0.00000515
Stoploss 0.00000495
評論: wedge formed in 1hr timeframe
評論: Possible pullback to 567,548,521 if the 4hr candle closes below 594
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