Trashy 4/20 chart. POTBTC BULL for 4/17

BITTREX:POTBTC   PotCoin / Bitcoin
Trashy meta-theory here. POT long for 4/20. the Marijuana coins have historically experienced a natural rise around stoner-holiday 4/20. A veritable infusion of speculators, nostalgists, and just plain idiots will most likely pump POT, THC , and DOPE leading into the 'high' holidays. I'm picking POT as my longshot mooner because it has little prospect, largely follows btc , and has had most of it's inflated value beaten out of it, which leaves all the more room for brand new stoners to go 3x or better on the coin nearing 4/20/18. Accumulation phase now, ditching all at 4/15-4/17 date range. If it rallies, we shouldn't get too greedy. Take profits early on at least 65% at a 30% gain. Take 20% more at 50% and let the rest ride for a 300%. Stoplosses should be kept tight at 15% exposure (yes this is tight in crypto imo ).
As always, this is interpretation for paper-trading/education and not investment advice.
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