Power Ledger (POWR) - Profiting Off The Unconventional [Feb2018]

BINANCE:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
BINANCE:POWRBTC is an ambitious project that democratizes power and electricity. Although promising in its future success, the project will not likely begin to yield significant progress and contribution until there is stability and universal acceptance of cryptocurrency as a whole. Despite POWR's secondary/tertiary stance & inability to provide in the short-term, its foundation and future promise will help keep the project relevant and competitive. This delivers opportunity for investors to enter a position with lowered risk.

-Pitchfork support test
-RSI heading upward
-Green cloud buying pressure

-Double bottom possibility enforces upward momentum
-T&K cross to be tested
-Price-Cloud Bear entry (awaiting price to reverse w/successful challenge or outbreak below)

Entry @ 8020

Here are my two plays. One bear, one bull
FILOVIRUS longmoney
@longmoney, Great TA. Seems like there's bullish sentiment (in the short-term at least) with the double bottom support tested. Best of luck

FILOVIRUS longmoney
@longmoney, Thank you my good sir. I hope it was accurate and helpful. Just a friendly unofficial update: a few buy signals have been triggered since the initial post until the time of this comment (1000 UTC) which provides further confidence of a bullish run. The final crucial hurdle will be overcoming the sell pressure (seen in 1-hour interval ichimoku indicator) which would essentially result in a comfortable rise to the top of the pitchfork.
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