BINANCE:PPTBTC   Populous / Bitcoin
Keeping it simple here as always! The BTC , ETH, and LITE of the worlds might be down right now. But PPT/BTC is ready to rock again after some consolidation. Volume picking up and the price is looking like it is ready to clear the base it has been forming under consolidation. We are looking at 1 hour and 4 hour charts to continue to swing trade this momentum higher while watching the volume numbers!

Even though the BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LITE/USD, and other big name cryptocurrencies of the world are not looking to hot at the moment, you can still find opportunities to trade some of the lesser known cryptos for profits!

Best of luck to all!

**These posts are for educational purposes only and is not in any way investment advice. Please make your own investment decisions and identify the risks that come along with those decisions.
評論: W'ere still in this remaining patient! Looking to catch a pop higher.
This is a good one to hold long-term guys.

The platform is about to go live and you'll be able to get 3% return a month using their platform.

And no - it's not a scam. This is a legitimate invoice factoring system.
@BobbyJGold, 100% AGREE on the longterm here.
grate call!!!! target please? thanks :)
StrengthTrading Richard_Peterson
@Richard_Peterson, Thank you. Honestly the way I trade these cryptos, I'm better without setting a target. The very basic idea of my system is to look at the 1 hour chart price movement and volume. If you see some weakness and dying volume over multiple 1 hour candles then i would jump out. I have been doing a pour job of updated/closing these trade ideas when I get out. So I will try to improve and close these ideas when I do exit.
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