QSP/BTC - Fib50 tested 3 times, bullish potential

BINANCE:QSPBTC   Quantstamp / Bitcoin
As you can see in the chart, the Fib50 has been tested a few times. The support level of the triangle is exactly at that level, which means we can expect very very strong support there. The price is about to cross the 30 EMA and the MACD also shows an upward trend is coming.

The drawing shows the expected price movement with strong fib levels at the black dotted lines. This trend is dependent on the BTC/USD movement over the next couple of days, so keep monitoring that!!

Buy: +/- 4150
Target 1: +/- 5000 (20%)

Buy: +/- 4750
Target 2: 5400 (14%)

*Binance is a growing exchange that is user friendly and does not require documentation if you trade less than 2BTCs. As it has just been launched it has reduced the trading fees to 0.5% if you have a small number of their coin ( BNB 0.00% -0.35% -0.35% ) in your wallet. Registration is recommended and using my referral link is highly appreciated: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11955863

*You are the decision maker in your trading, I cannot be held responsible for your losses

評論: QSP on its way down. Make sure you buy in at the Fib50 level.
評論: And do not forget to set a stop-loss
評論: QSP Was a good buy so far, now patiently waiting for its bullish move. RSI shows QSP is massively underbought and CCI also bullish! We might jump to the 5400 directly, but please keep an aye on it!
評論: QSP on its support level, good buy at market price atm.
Tough to read this bear market, you weren't the only one thinking this way
What worries me is the previous bottom around the 37-38 area. Since we broke the 40 just now we might re-test the 37-38.
engelandertje DeepseaDom
@DeepseaDom, just looked on Binance where there are a lot of buys lined up around 3900, so I do not expect that to happen in this case. However, I recommend to manage your stop-loss
DeepseaDom engelandertje
@engelandertje, Ive also posted my view on this matter. Care to take a look? Thoughts?
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