QTUM worth looking into (Alternative Investment)

BITTREX:QTUMUSD   Qtum / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
QTUM has greatly suffered during the past 2 weeks but seems in track to break the 52 USD price even though he doesn't have an increasing volume .
The longer trend since mid-december will be crossing the rebound from end-december soon if we follow both trends, which makes it the first target in the days to come. The second beeing the all time high that was reached two weeks ago.
Furthermore, the QTUM has benefited from rise due to short extreme buy volume and very low sell volume . Which comfort me in the thought that people investing in QTUM hodl in a more longer term and a faith in this currency. Another spike might happend again very soon if we follow a Fibonacci time retracement that almost perfectly applied to the previous spikes. Even if we don't follow that theory, the current trend might attract investors who will search for new opportunity in the beginning of this year.
Last but not least, QTUM is build with a bitcoin             core (if you allowed me to say so) which means he can benefit from a BTC             rebound that might come.

Analysis done by The Foil
03.01.2018 20:58

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Didn't break the 52 USD mark and chart is looking a little on the heavy side now, what do you think short-term?
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TheFoil afterdarq
@afterdarq, I expect people to take benefit from ETH/XRP/XLM/XEM who have skyrocketed these days and turns once again for BTC or weaker coin. In both cases, QTUM will gain from this swap due to its bitcoin core.
I see 2 direct concurrent to QTUM which are IOTA and ETN. Both of them are stuck in their prices and process. Which makes the QTUM in lead for the moment. But remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. They might be ahead for the moment but with ETN beta app announce yesterday (which is not yet operative) things might get the other way around in the mid-term.
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