BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
= Decentralized cloud storage platform that uses a blockchain to facilitate payments
= Rent storage, paid to host files, mine Siacoin
+ Fully Decentralized
More secure that STORJ
+ Significantly cheaper than STORJ
+ On-blockchain smart contracts
+ Storage marketplace creates more competition and storage place
Attractive to users, not really attractive to farmers
+ Doesn't have a central bridge, like STORJ, thus no scalability issues
+ More trustworthy team compared to STORJ
- Storage used is behind STORJ (3.4PB as of 12/23/2017)
- Node count is behind STORJ (700 as of 12/23/2017)
- Requires collateral for hosting
Problematic because of dynamic prices
- Accepts only SIA as payment
- Requires entire blockchain download

I would also say that they aren't investing as much in marketing, but as read in their blog they will change that and invest more in marketing.
Good analysis :)
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