SIACOIN (SC) - 550% Possible Earnings

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Hello again.

Today we want to share with you another trading opportunity. S I A C O I N.

This is a great project actually. This is decentralized Dropbox in which everyone can earn money giving their free space on hard disc.
The more space you give the more money you get.
Their developers' team is rated at 88% (coingecko) which is one of the highest results.
This coin and in generall company has a HUGE POTENTIAL. Imagine every computer can be part of this community and earn money. With billions of computers and smartphones the market is really massive and we are at the beginning of this roadtrip.

They already have 4.6 PB of the hard disc space, 904 active hosts, 228 TB used storage and their market cap is now around 340 mln $.
  • File Contract Upgrade - Form file contracts in 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes
  • File Recovery System - Ability to recover your files using only your wallet seed
  • Simple File Sharing - Share files with other Sia users

Technical Analysis of the chart:
  • Elliot waves pattern finished - waiting for upaward formation
  • Very low accordnig to fibonacci leves
  • Positive MACD divergence
  • Chart close to SMA 50
Fibonacci targets:
1. 235 st
2. 353 st
3. 448 st
4. 544 st
5. 679 st
6. 852 st ( ATH )

Time frame - depending on the market and BTC - We assume around 3 months

What do you think guys? Do you believe in this project? Please do share with us your views.
We love our crypto family.
評論: Prepare for the bounce up.
Everyone deserves to multiply their assets.

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More info here: https://t.me/WBM_trading

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Latest results:

EURUSD 43% profit; 7 days
GOLD 20% profit; 7 days


will buy it at 50
@Tsentr, we may go as low as 44 but than we may encounter 2000% profit . LOL
netrin Tsentr
@Tsentr, You really think it'll go that low? I'm more bullish on SC, personally.
I think price will drop first to around 140.
@DeLaSpo, We will see. It is possible
DeLaSpo WBM_Team
@WBM_Team, it was only 144 ;-)
How do you feel the influx of ASICs will affect the price of SIA over the next couple months? B52s ship from Halong first part of April and Obelisks after that in June.
+2 回覆
WBM_Team Brodie_MT
@Brodie_MT, ASICs mean more centralized which is bad. Not sure what dev team aims but the can change slightly the algorithm making all ASICs worthless (they phisically depend on algorithm). On the other hand BTC operates on ASICs and BTC's price went up. We think SIA will be hot topic in 2018 which always makes the price UP.
+2 回覆
Brodie_MT WBM_Team
@WBM_Team, Sia has already said they aren't forking from ASICs:



With several manufacturers of Blake2B asics, I don't think it will over centralize the mining as it would with a single manufacturer. The addition of Asics feels like validation of the project to me so I fully agree that Sia will be a hot topic in 2018, but I feel with some certainty the price will go down before it goes up as many miners will be trying to cover some of their investment, my guess is somewhere between 50-100 sats.

WBM_Team Brodie_MT
@Brodie_MT, Great thanks for the info. We dont know if they dont change their minds - we will see .In terms of price that might happen. We do agree. We hope 2018 will be exciting year for our crypto family.
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