SC on huge potential, Massive 500% return

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
BITTREX:SCBTC is on all time low.

The bounce from low is pretty good, 47 --> 80+ , it shows the bullish signs.

RSI is on trend, MACD shows that it would go down a little.

So here are the steps :

Buy now 82, or on Support (66-74) or On breakout (110)

Targets :
750 (7.5 times)

Stop loss :
I would recommend to buy back instead of exiting on the loss.

Bigger Picture :

Closer Picture :

Targets :


60 days.

評論: 100 level should be taken out for the next steps.

Like ETC, DCR SC also didnot grow in the bull market. So add to your portfolio for good target.
評論: Breakout. 130+
評論: 100% in a day. 47 --> 150 +
評論: Friends, 3x here. in a day. How many of bought it?

If no confidence on the calls, it is very hard to make profit.

Invest 2%-5% on the calls, it will give huge profit.
評論: Hope you guys booked your profits. I posted in the comments section, not as an update. Sorry about that.
評論: Our call was around 82, it hit 180+ and consolidating. Consolidation may take 1 day or 3 days, it is hard to comment on that. Once consolidated it would rally for another 100% and the cycle would come again. So the expectation is 10-15 days hold for 4x.

Targets are

評論: BTC is going down, so panic everywhere.

All we have to do is just relax, it will be alright in 2 days. Or you can buy on dips.
評論: 201 - Achieved.

Heading towards the next target.
評論: Hard fork is on 31-Jan-2018
評論: SC buy range : 130-140
評論: We have gone through the same many times. When BTC goes up, ALTcoins goes down and recovers in 3 days. So dnot panic, just hold.
評論: 130 --> 190 : 50% Profit. Hope you are reaping the profits.

Please thumps up the idea.
評論: Moving here, 270 crossed. It is going to be a huge in few days.
評論: Wow, it is huge now. Doubled in 2 days.

We are long from 130 -- 550 , 4x in 25 days.

Friends, remember any recommendations take the same time to give good potential trade.

EMC2 / MTL/ Nxt/ it will form a bottom. Invest 2-5% of your money and leave it for a month.
評論: Book profits 50% in SC, I see a huge difference between Poloniex and Bittrex.
評論: 201 - Achieved.
270 - Achieved.
370 - Achieved.
480 - Achieved.
630 - Achieved.
700 - Next Target.

hold till the hard fork (31-Jan-2018)
評論: Difference didnot reduce between exchanges. Bit weird.

I have booked my 50% around 550 and will hold the remaining till 27-28 Jan, I would have the trailing stop loss means to set up a stop-loss and keep moving it based on the rise.

For the Price : 640, sl is around 550, once it moves to 750, my sl would be 650 and I would exit my most (80%) at 820 and leave the rest for growth.
評論: SC getting ready,

breaking this range would take it to next level.

評論: Is it time to buy Sia again?


RSI close to Oversold area and price on 480 levels

It can boom in 3-4 days.
評論: Break below, it can reach 350, so you know the stoploss.
評論: Well, it went to 350 levels and bounced back.

Here is my view

2 patterns

Flag with Flagpole

Symmetric triangle pattern

with HF on 31-Jan-2018. we can expect an upside breakout.
評論: Daily chart is not showing it good :(

Higher possibility for price to support at 380-400 and bounce. Can it bounce back?

評論: We are on 400% profit on this coin, HF is close by.

Coin is trading at 360 for long time. break below 320-300, coin fall down heavily. So you know the stoploss.
評論: I would place my order at 500+ and exit when I get a chance. - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
Hard fork seems to be on 21th of January.
Bought it at 0.00000641 BTC I know it was stupid.

Should I sell and move on?
maheswar81 Monolith85
@Monolith85, Hey, it is never stupid. Lessons learnt. Well, we have to sell at high, but now it is at support. Not wise to sell at support. If you feel it is risky, reduce your exposure by 50%
sigh :-(
Any Updates?
On bittrex the wallet is offline so no arbitrage chance, same thing happened a week ago with xvc but that time poloniex wallet was offline. It seems suspicious.
@ercin, May be.
Bittrexercin, Because price on Bittrex is lower than Poloniex, Poloniex is 375 and Bittrex is 552 now, If Bittex do not close SC Deposit, I'll buy on Polo and send to Bittrex
How do you sell this coin if you're holding in a cold wallet and the wallet exchange is off line and Poloniex I just don't trust...
maheswar81 without_worries
@without_worries, I am new to cold wallets. I would search for the ways on youtube or in google.
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