STRATBTC Long Opportunity

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Falling wedge (continuation pattern, bullish in this example)
Bollinger Band Contraction (ready for break-out)
RSI Divergence (hint upward movement

Mainnet wallet release

How to trade:
Breakout of falling wedge is confirmed when candle closes above the downtrending resistance line, or top line of the falling wedge
Buy a retest of the former resistance (top of falling wedge ) now turned support, especially if you see reversal patterns or seller exhaustion near this support point.

more details on graph.
評論: broke out
交易結束:目標達成: 130% profit, will continue to move up.

sold 40% of position to regain original investment, will let the rest ride Q1 2018.
What if we see the STRAT-USD chart, then the divergence and falling wedge would not appear. I'm a newbie and I'm confused with which kind of chart should I use.
TheCryptoLabs mingxuan.krasus
@mingxuan.krasus, Depends what pair you are trading against.

meaning, depending if u use btc to enter or USD to enter.

To trade successfully vs btc u have to account for it, for example if btc may go up 10% this week that must be accounted for in weekly trades

if it may go down 10%, may be good time to trade it vs alts doing weaker vs BTC

USD is much more stable so it's different, most of us trade VS btc or tether for convenience but I don't believe in tether.
Yeah breakout
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