STRATIS Short- Elliott correction wave is not over yet

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
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STRATIS is a really good project, talented dev. team, roadmap & update for 2017 looks very strong but right now I feel the correction is not over yet we can hit 280000 area and turn back to bullish from there. Obviously HODL if you got early in the project-moon is coming soon:)
Feel free to comment the idea. Thanks and Good luck with your trade!
評論: Looks very bullish...
評論: Strat breakout hold tight
Until now everything is going by the scenario... Moon is next :)
I've ben watching it closely and your prediction were pretty precise. let's now see where it goes and if its right I'd definitely donate part of my profit :D
tibtrade BrunoDanteSampaio
@BrunoDanteSampaio, :) would be nice, thanx

@tibtrade, sure... Lets wait and see, hehe. Feel free to send me a reminder, ok?
tibtrade BrunoDanteSampaio
@BrunoDanteSampaio, np and good luck to us:) - we just have to be patient a bit
Seems like you were right, it's followed your projection more or less.
So, moon is next? The correction is basically over right, it seems.
@reasv, yh I feel we already had a deepest point, looks like we have to pass that 0.00380 level than jump to 0.00576 and target around 0.00975. I am pretty bullish on Strat
change work is better
tibtrade chiamalogio
Strat will b cross last high ?
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