Promising project with solid technicals!

POLONIEX:STRATUSD   Stratis / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
"We make blockchain easy for you" is Stratis's slogan.
If your not a developer, it's not that easy to judge the value though.


The goal of Stratis is a platform that's easy to use for developers to build applications.
That's something of value but it's not my field so I don't have much insights.
Hoewever, I have tried to read up on Stratis by people that know more than me and I am satisified.

This addition to my portfolio is more on the technical side.
On 6 December I added it to my portfolio at 7.5 USD. Complete list can be found on my website: :)


Stratis had a huge run a while back, and after a long time of consolidation it has started again.

You can see a clear head and shoulders back in the correction, it also looks to me like we completed 5 waves down than an ABC correction.
I now believe we are in an impulse wave and about to start on our 5th wave! Little late but still room to get some nice percentage gains :)

My target area is between 25 & 30 USD. Which lines nice up with two of my fib levels. 3.618 from wave correction and what I believe will be the stronger level, the 2.618 from last run at 30 USD!
I'm not looking to hodl Stratis for the long term.
評論: Time for an update on STRAT!
Sadly, it has dissapointed me. I would have liked to see more momentum this week because of the bullish market we had.
That's why I have now decreased my target area, and if it hits my plan is to forget about STRAT for a while. It's not something I am looking to hodl for long term.

Lined up some support areas if it should decide to go down.

Yesterday I added automatic sign up to my trade group.
So now its easier to join in if its of interest.
Please read more at my webpage, and contact me if you should have any questions!
評論: Time for an overdue update on STRAT!

Stratis has been boring. Posting low results considering the market.
There is other coins I would like to change out with Stratis at the moment.
But I will hold until 18.5-20 USD and evaluate if goes there :)

交易結束:目標達成: STRAT is having a good day despite the overall red market.
So I've sold out at 21.5 USD. Bringing in a return of 187%!

Removed from crypto portfolio, and new coin has been shared with Koinworld group.

Update Pleas
Good Job you are the best any Update Please Thanks
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you are the Best
Kryptokelly MahmoudAshour
@MahmoudAshour, Thanks mate :D
You can always count on Stratis to let you down
@janor123, Haha yeah, but a nice return anyways :)
@Kryptokelly still holding for $20?
Kryptokelly deadlyeffect
@deadlyeffect, Yes I am deadlyeffect :) But Stratis has dissapointed consdering the overall market.
Sir I think Stratis is performing well and it good to hodl. Give Stratis 3 weeks
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