Syscoin BUY opportunity

POLONIEX:SYSBTC   Syscoin / Bitcoin
Technically it is not a strong Buy signal, however there will be Syscoin masternode and hardfork incoming days. So, I would buy and hold until 25th of February. Be advise, this coin has already been pumped up to certain levels, but there is still room for another spike up. So, if you get in this trade, keep your bag rather small and exit when you feel good profit.
交易進行: Started moving, hold till 8k sats.
There is no set dates for masternodes, they launch beside blockmarket web after the hardfork sometime in q1 2018. So it could be end of march.
RektSquare kenzcoin
@kenzcoin, thank you for the information. I will choose to hold my position till 25th for hardfork unless it hits stoploss. Hope they will announce masternodes as soon as possible. Have a nice trading!
kenzcoin RektSquare
@RektSquare, hardfork isn't on the 25th. NO SET DATE yet.
RektSquare kenzcoin
@kenzcoin, i mean at the end of March, sorry for my mistake
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