Tandem Diabetes Care Looks Like a Good Daytrade, SwingTrade Play

Stock price has not been fully established yet. Lots of uncertainty, meaning lots of opportunity for short term fluctuations. Stock just underwent reverse split. Currently a "low floater", but with real business operations, not just some cheap pump and dump scam from china or some bitcoin stock. Its a real company with real aspirations of survival. Only problem is they have much better established industry peers like Medtronics. They are still considered a player in their respective industry. Keep on watchlist, watch for movement interday, and if opportunity presents, play it.

Reason for watching, low float, recent split, and real company which is a rare thing these days in the stock market it seems like, especially if it has a low float and a real product. No MACD here people, lol. With these risky ones, flat line is a good thing after a big sell off after a reverse split, especially in a bull market. once the sellers are clearly out of the way, that's all you need to know when the stock has a low float, recent reverse split, and healthy trading volume
taking a big loss on this today. more dilution. didnt go big though
holding tnmd overnight, 2:58 EST
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