Why is Tron taking longer? WXYXZ correction subwave 2 of 3

Ive been all over Tron from inception. Watched literally every move. Trx has an Ugly characteristic that keeps rearing its head. If you dont know how to play WXYXZ corrections or are new these can burn you or test your patience. XRP Ripple tends to do the same thing and we all know who was number 1 last year. PATIENCE is tested here in Tron however I believe the rewards long term could be staggering.

Subwave 3 of the 5 wave move up is going to be in turquoises and the White line represents the 5 wave move up.

Keep in mind this is Subwave 3 of the bigger 3rd wave. Could go all the way up to 4.236. which would take us to 2000 sats . Come down for the Handle of the cup wave 4 explode up for wave 5 to breach all time highs. This is my dream scenario and is a low probability. However Huge move impending.

評論: C wave is typically half of A wave right now. We saw a spike but simply doesnt look to be our bottom....... If we break down we can move a little lower but not much
評論: Also it is possible if we break below 470 that this would just be an Abc correction..... The 786 is getting retested at 485
評論: Doesnt change much Ill repost targets if needed however if its an ABC the White Elliot waves and targets are Solid
評論: The 786 is holding at the moment making this more likely to be a 1-2 move not an ABC. Either way moon shot imminent. If this is a 1-2 on wave 2 retracing 786 mean that wave 4 will retrace less. Possibly like the Run up to 2000 sats.... We stopped at 2618 and bounced right away off the 236 to take us up on our 1st wave. Which if we do the same thing as the last impulse wave up we will blast thru 3 4 and 5 almost simultaneously
評論: No volume to support yet. Just counting and Looks complete
取消訂單: as of ill wait to see what the market shows us. set alerts
Next move up will be possible after verge pump and dump on 16 MAY after their partnership #sell_the_news
HoodSquirrrel BitcoinBillionairesNews
@BitcoinBillionairesNews, My thoughts exactly. We just have to be patient :]
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