TRX and BTC partners In crime. COMPLETE ANALYSIS!

It seems that we are heading to wave 1 and are on track to reaching A new ATH . Although I have come to realize how relant other coins are on TRX . The MACD is looking good for TRX and it seems to be having a gradual increase. If we see bitcoin stabilize or reverse this is going to be great news for TRX . BTC seems to be holding there support in the 9k range and if btc can holds its own then the market can finish its corrective cycle and start a new 5 steps forward. If your looking to buy in watch for btc to lose support or break resistance these are indicators to buy. If 9k support area is lost on BTC then buy at 8000-8300 range if support holds and we see reversal on MACD then buy when breakout is confirmed on the 4 hour. I talk about BTC so much in this posts because its commanding TRX . BTC will call TRX shots for the moment. If you see 9k support broken then watch as tron retracts the same way. I hope everyone joins me in making money off tron.
If your skeptical about tron and you have lost a fat stack like me, think about this:
1. Super Strong Dev team
2. Crushed all rumors and bs
3. Strong plan
4. New partnerships daily (2 this week I believe)
5. whales see this coin as undervalued and will stop holding down the price and let it fly or the normal everyday traders will over power them and they will have no choice
6. Justin sun is a cool guy and tron has a dope name
7. Reasons 1 through 6

Targets for TRX:

1. 612
2. 738
3. 841
4. 961
5. 1317
6. 1890

In Justin we trust.

I'm not your financial advisor. Trade with caution and with a logical mindset.
評論: how relant other coins are on BTC*
評論: First target met with ease. Awaiting second target in the next couple of hours.
評論: wave 5 of wave 1 is coming to close wait for wave 2 to commence in the coming hours. I would say 4 hours
評論: okay im seeing some support showing at the 630-645 area this indicates where wave 2 will mostly go before the bounce into wave 3 I would set a buy there. Good luck boys
評論: Fixed targets!
by second target you mean 841 right? since tron just ignored 612 level :P
abardini Darbmind04
@Darbmind04, It kinda did but I guess its sorta counted as a target. For now just go by what I have numbered.
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In this dark and desolate crypto world, you are like the breath of fresh air. I noticed the synchronized movements of TRX, XVG, BTC and XRP. It's really incredible. A pro told me yesterday that this correction happens every January and lasts till February. Do you think that's correct?
abardini Nitinnishant
@Nitinnishant, He would be right when he says that it happens all the time to put a time on it is wrong tho. Nobody knows when the correction will happen. Markets go thro cycles a corrective cycle is required in order to keep moving forward. It often works in a 5 steps forward and 3 steps back. This ensures progress and also gives coins time to reload and explode. I think tron is the most undervalued coin on the market and ur crazy not to think it will be big.
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@abardini, You are right. It's probably a coincidence that it happened last January. I also think TRX is the most undervalued coin on the market. I want to invest more in it. And I want to HODL. Roughly speaking, where do you see TRX in a year? I only have 20k tron tokens. Is that enough as a HODL figure? Do you think I should increase my stock of TRX tokens in my portfolio?
abardini Nitinnishant
@Nitinnishant, hold till end of feb. It should be 50 cents or more by then.
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abardini Nitinnishant
@Nitinnishant, In one year I see tron at 2 dollars
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@abardini, Wow, 50 cents sounds like an alluring figure. And it's achievable too considering the last ATH. $2 is also a reasonable figure. What do you think of other popular alts... like XRP, XVG, ADA and XLM?
abardini Nitinnishant
@Nitinnishant, I PM U
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