TRX - TRON Ready for round two? (TRX/BTC)

TRX has seen some crazy gains over the last 2 weeks and everything that goes up must come down. The sellers are worn out and as the correction carried farther and farther all that was left was buyers... this is what causes the spike to happen from one point of view.regardless how you see it. It has started the spike and looks to be consolidating. We should see more upwards movement soon.

Prices have broken out of a descending triangle which is a bullish chart pattern.
Mixing Elliott Waves and Chart Patterns is a key to success I believe as I have been taught to do this to get a higher rate of accuracy. But if you mix too many different indicators or techniques it can lead to a very flawed analysis... I hope I am right here and only time will tell.

I encourage everyone to follow me on my steemit blog. where I will begin posting a lot more and being a lot more active. I think I may start a news channel over there as well as post a lot more charts by request of my followers.:)

You can find me @cryptosuf with my lion logo.

Good luck everyone
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Thank you brother for good your comment
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Is time to buy now ?
Cryptosuf harish723
@harish723, I cannot tell you when is time to buy/sell.
The best time to buy is at the end of a correction... We are at the end of a correction now. You can uses this chart to augment your due diligence and make a decision based on what you belive is the right thing to do :)
I hope I have earned the right to ask for and upvote and a follow :)
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harish723 Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, I am new here, I am newbie to this crypto currency and I dont know much about all that patterns. It will be very helpful when genius people like you too help us.
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Cryptosuf harish723
@harish723, Haha! I am not a genius but I really appreciate your very kind words. my mentor @Haejin has taught me EVERYTHING I know about charts.
I encourage you to learn about Chart patterns and Elliot waves after you have learned chart patterns . This will help you a lot. I was newbie here too. We all are at one point.

Good luck :)
I make more detailed posts on the steemit blog I have. Follow me on steemit @cryptoSuf
RodneyH Cryptosuf

Just by your mannerism alone yes. If I can give some constructive advice, possibly a new way to gain followers is to explain your chart in words if possible. From all the their

The charts I have seen from others are convoluted with markings that can be discouraging rather than clear.

They also have a lack of explanation to why and how they came to their conclusion, so it just gets added to the many random charts that are posted on

this channel. Thank you!
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Cryptosuf RodneyH
@RodneyH, I see, I will do my best but its hard to do with one picture :) I will take your advice and do my best.
Thanks for the tips
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