XRP Ripple About to surprise us PT. 2

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
some people have asked for a update on XRP... I see maybe a better triangle but it seems to still be going down for and (E) wave.
The MACd on the bottom kinda looks like it could be curving soon indicating MAYBE 1 more low... AKA (E) wave in orange.

Please note the dotted green line and the ABC in RED

This is another possibility that the triangle just did an ABC and in that case it could be going up now....

Basically as @haejin would say. 2 different paths same destination. My primary count is the (E) wave which is Also shown by the Orange lines.

Click this, Please read my description quickly to understand the possibilites ) like my posts if you want to help
this graphic is still working.. you're great..
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Cryptosuf ahmet_b
@ahmet_b, thank you very much for the support brother
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Wow, I would like to see a revision with the crash, from where I’m looking it looks like you might have nailed it. Great job.
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Cryptosuf jted1785
@jted1785, made an update :)
Hi. What do you think about the overall crash of the market. Is there a big possibility for a much lower price than predicted?
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@ivoray, I dont think we will see a CRASH anytime soon. I also dont think XRP will go under 1.00... Possible? yes. Probable? No.
My forecast will break $1.61: )
Cryptosuf iThamer
@iThamer, same here :)
Lex0924 Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, should i put in a sell order at that price , hmmm... decisions decisions... lol
Cryptosuf Lex0924
@Lex0924, lol My mouth is shut
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