XVG update! - verge could still be correcting

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hey guys, it seems XVG could still be correcting. You can see that the RED lines are not in play anymore. That doesn't change much. It looks like its still doing the symmetrical triangle , just a bigger one.

Different look, same destination.

Thanks guys
評論: @jbiz, I think now it will start heading upwards. it will hit (D) most likely and bounce down. Lets see what happens :)
the rate has gone ridiculously low...I think its because of BTC value going time to buy the dips...
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@Cryptosuf , like its starting to move, do you think its heading to to D now?
@jbiz, I think now it will start heading upwards
it is possible that breakout happen directly from D without touching E ?
Cryptosuf ilyes1505
@ilyes1505, yes thats possible. In that case it would be an (ABC) triangle... It would not have a (D) or (E)
as the breakout would occur after hitting (C) ... there are ABCDE and ABC not ABCD :)
Good thought on that it is possible. We would have to wait and see.

I need to read my book some more to learn more about these triangles.
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ilyes1505 Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, Hey thx for the reply ! its better to sell when will reach D and rebuy E or its too risky ? like how propable its ABCDE = 80% ? and ABC = 20 % that will happen ?
Cryptosuf ilyes1505
@ilyes1505, I dont know whats the probability
HEYO22 ilyes1505
@ilyes1505, I would hold and wait for a secure break before buying
This can go even lower
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