TRXBTC - Wyckoffian Logic

Technical Analysis:
I've highlighted the Wyckoffian event cycles. TRX is currently trying to find support and will likely enter a consolidation phase before an impulse or corrective leg. I would recommend staying away from this token until market gives a clear indication on the direction it wants to take. You can use TD Sequential and momentum indicators on the daily to avoid fakeouts.

Fundamental Analysis:
Plagiarized whitepaper - check
Stealing ETH code - check
Self-glorifying 20 year old megalomaniac CEO who uses buzzwords to attract millennial to invest - check
No mainnet or working product - check

Good luck!
Hey. Just some constructive criticism: Try and use the correct indicators for TRX and TD. I am sure that Tanzanian Royalty Expl Corp and Toronto Dominion Bk have nothing to do with your TA :)
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CenkGultekin richterantonalbert
@richterantonalbert, Nice catch.
@CenkGultekin, No worries! I also tend to agree with your TA (other than the Fundamental Analysis Bashing, lol). The market still needs to decide where it wants to be. For now, I am not making any investments. Keep up the good work!
LOL!!! nice one he also made a shit ton of money on the ride up. thats what lack of regulations do huh. gotta think if its too good to be true it is.
Hello Sir, what's the best and preferably cheap altcoin to invest in. As a noob, I got trolled by both TRX and XVG. Please guide in the right direction. I just have $1000 to invest.
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jamikr Nitinnishant
@Nitinnishant, we all start as noobs. don't invest until you understand or this will keep happening as you will do the FOMO. nobody can pick them but you. do functional and technical analysis. gotta learn both. if you want to stay safe, stay with platform products such as etherium and its competitors. the safe bets still are BTC, ETH LTC. but etherium competitors also good. gotta walk before you run . good luck!
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@jamikr, Any good sources to learn TA and Fundamental analysis? (Of course for beginners) Not to mention I know simple patterns. But I haven't got the opportunity to learn about the indicators. (Patterns do trick me)
jamikr rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, udemy thats where i am learning. good luck!! keep it up
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jamikr rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, you can pay to join groups too of people who are trying to learn. there is no shortcut. do'nt do what others say you will always get burned always make your OWN CALLS. until then stick w/ the core BTC, ETH
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@jamikr, Thanks a lot for your advices. Yes my aim at the first place was to increase my btc. Again future may belong to ETH. Have a nice trade.
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