TRX TRON Major 3rd Wave Possibility. 18 apr update

If the last week has been an ABC correction, TRX might go for a 3rd Wave Movement.
We have two short term resistances to pass right now before going up.
Watch those FIB levels! (left side of the chart).
Resistances (short term): 612 and 650- satsoshi .
Support: 560 and 530 (hopefully it will not touch 530 again. If it does, then this rise can be much lower than I expect it).

StochRSI on 1DAY candles is looking like it's about to go upwards.
MACD on 6h candles crossed. Waiting on 12h and 1day to cross.

Remember to move Stop/Loss upwards with each new push!!!

Targets based on Fib Retracement:
Target 1: 680 satoshi
Target 2: 800 (possibly 820)
Target 3: ~1000 satoshi.
Greedy target:
Target 4: 1300 (highly NOT recommended WITHOUT tight STOP/LOSS).
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