Breakdown of Bulls turned Bear on tron

What was support becomes heavy resistance BECAUSE a lot of people are betting this is a 4th wave and now we are entering a 5th wave 3 wave move that SUCKED to complete the 5 wave move so they are selling hard. We are 100 percent in the 3rd wave a a bigger scale already completing a full 5 wave move with a full wxyxz correction taking us down to the true bare bottom to be impulsive..... This next 5 wave move up will have a 80 percent chance to fall a bit above the 1 to 1 move on the 5 wave move to all time high all the way to a 2.168 move Ill post that as soon as this post because those are the targets for me. We need to breach all time high by a good amount to have a chance for the 5th wave to be the extention.
評論: Elliot wave 4th wave cannot retrace HEAVILY into wave 1 territory meaning this 3rd wave NEEDS to breach all time highs by a good amount to leave room for the 4th wave
評論: After digging more into wave 1

this is primary
評論: 741 than retracement of entire wave 3 than 1765
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