TSLA gaps down

News they are buying SCTY . Should be fun for the next few days. Looking for it to continue bearish into $182 and then long from there. A lot of people likely are trapped on TSLA here.
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I wonder if this will not be allowed by SEC, and if it will just not happen, and bring the stocks back to their price ... interesting timing though
HAHA!! I said about the same thing... Because it's all Musk right... should be interesting.
2use Reallifetrading
SCTY is going down generally and it was down before, he could have picked up cheaper, or waited. Plus all the Brexit and Presidential elections. With investor money could have bought something profitable, but he buys his own sinking company. Either it is to use tesla follower money while they are here to save a drowning child....or a purchase on insider information that may land in favor for SCTY. So i am wondering how SEC will ask him why he is buying his own public company (i wonder if shareholders of Scty are pro-purchase themselves)
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