Bullish UK100

FX:UK100   富時100指數
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Good morning traders,

Preparing trades for next week, I´m bullish on stock market , and specifically on UK100 . I´ve identified a demand zone plus a Wolfe Wave pattern with a good R/R ratio .

Enter long at market with SL 6070 on a daily close

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6 Trading Rules :

1. Never add to a losing position .
2. Don´t be the first to buy low and sell high ., and don´t be the last one to exit
3. Think like a fundamentalist, trade like a technician .
4. Keep your analysis simple
5. Start small and increase exposure when trend is confirming your analysis
6. The hard trade is the right trade

Good luck, leaving for the rest of this sunny Sunday

Josep Pocalles
交易進行: Trade still active as it closed yesterday at 6075 , you can re-enter with same SL
交易進行: Bulls are confirming the trend, you can still join with SL below 6100
交易結束:目標達成: I´m closing 90% of the trade , I´m happy with 4% gain on this trade , I will leave residual projects with SL @ 6370 , I still hold longs on other stock indices like JPN225
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Realisto_FX riccardo.pradella
Thanks !
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