At Market Cypher/Bat Pattern USDJPY H1

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
Hey Traders !

Feels like it has been almost centuries since I have posted on TradingView. Unfortunately we haven't had that much action so there has been little to share. Right now, we have a AT MARKET cypher Pattern that we are Active on. I entered at 115.063, I will be actively managing this trade since we have news coming out in around 45 min and we are bullish on the Daily TF and failed to put in a new Lower Low in the trading timeframe. So The probabilities are definitely decreased on this one. So be cautious. But if it adds any consolation we also have a Cypher starting at the same X leg and completing at 114.765. So hopefully the force is with us.

As usual, targets at the .382 and 61.8. I will not be looking for extended targets on this trade. Rolling stops as soon as target 1 gets hit.

Like always if you have any questions feel free to comment below,
手動結束交易: closed after bullish reversal on 5 min chart. Lost -1.5 pips. Will re enter if we can close Bearish on 15 min Chart.
交易進行: Back in Short at 115.143 still actively managing.
交易進行: Stops rolled, removed half at the double bottom on 5 min. setting and forgetting now, if price retraces to my entry, I will be out. Not too excited to be in this trade anyways, but we have to follow our rules and enter the trades we have edge on. Hopefully price can make its way lower, if not, I'm jay-z and on to the next one.
Good morning!

I do not know how personal is this question for you, but I was just curious, why did you stop teaching?

Thanks, all the best!
TheAlcoveFx GasperiniGS
@GasperiniGS, Hey My friend ! i made a video about it, check it out
GasperiniGS TheAlcoveFx
@TheAlcoveFx, Nice! I will watch it!
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