USDJPY - final leg?

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
I see potential one more upward impulse...

Entry: 113,60-113,50

TP1: 114,45
TP2: 114,75

In case this pair break midterm trendline it may be pulled toward 115,60 area. After that I expect some selling pressure.

Trade responsibly.
評論: I still expect upward impulse. This trade gave 20 pips and market went for a deeper correction. That's what I am actually waiting for:

Deeper correction (0.618 + OB) with divergence RSI on 1D chart.
交易進行: Looks like 0,5 holds bears:
評論: Key resistance around 113,50-113,60. If we break that level it opens the way to retest recent highs.

Entry on 15min charts:
評論: We have broken major SR zone, however we have risk even coming (BOJ). In case it will drop more move stop to B...there is possible movment:
評論: Sorry for my mistake, I was looking at wrong calendar day, we passed BOJ, so that makes that long position much safer, cheers and once again sorry.
評論: We are near TP1, however I expect more upward pressure just after the weekend. This trade took more heat as I expected, however position management let us to join the market in very good place.
交易結束:目標達成: TP1 and perfect TP2 has hit.
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