USDJPY Watch for TCP

OANDA:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
6100 28
Hi fellows, USDJPY has a huge potential to the downside. Price leaving the bullish trendline . Watch for TCP and look for breakout.
評論: So doing amazingly. If you are trading on waves you have to be patient otherwise You may cut your profits early. So always cut your losses early and let the profit run. Here we got update on this pair. Now watch for another TCP.
評論: Patient is the key to success. Always stay focused on your work fellows. always cut your losses and let the profit run. Watch price action at bottom if breaks down than hold your trade and if start to show you some price action for up side than take off and watch new pattern formation before buying.
評論: Sorry fellows wrong update.
評論: This pair is not stopping at all. Fall is very hard, For further selling at least we need an other TCP and at least on 1 HR time frame lower time frame TCP no gonna be reasonable because price has already extend a lot.
評論: Potential is still there.
評論: Perfect, SO here we got TCP completion which we were looking after the impulse. Now look for risk taking entry and then breakout of this TCP Good Luck fellows.
Sold it from the top, in good profit now. Thank you. Let's see if it breaks the last low.
What's SO mates? Nice work
Actually I think it's the time to buy
Why I cannot see my last comment and why is AUDCHF here?? You are acting weird today :)
Thank you my mate? Do you have any update on Oil?
Hello, Please send me sell signal
Guys TCP Formed!!!!
Totally agree

Love this idea, 4 bounce points so its confirmed trendline break, I'd hope it reaches back to 113.7 so I can short
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