usdjpy. bullish bat

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
2867 25
mates, we have a bullish bat . Looking for long opportunities in PRZ. Will keep you updated. Contact me in PM if you wish to know how I find these patterns.
交易進行: entered long:
交易結束:達到停損點: it happens...
This pattern was found by the MPS-5.2 pattern recognition software:

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there is actually bearish Cypher in daily. this bullish bat is counter that trend, need to be more careful in such case i think
@pipstrading, Watch above comments. It is all about the trade plan...
My first try at one of this and it went south! haha! Oh well, no problem. Good risk management was used =) Looking forward for more! I am learning more and more about these.
Alexander_Nikitin JuvenalMachado
@JuvenalMachado, well, it happens:)
Hi all! This pair is only SELL! Daily chart was showing sell yesterday; weekly will show a sell signal today at US close; monthly almost ready to show a sell as well. I am working from sell only. I was selling from 112.0 and from 111.50; all closed now. Waiting to enter sell today again. My first target 110.0; second target 109.0. I think we will get there by the end of this week. Good luck!
Tucson2016 Tucson2016
@Tucson2016, Just sold at 111.10 again. Targets are above.
@Tucson2016, it is all about the written and backtested trade plan. If it says to check Dailys then check it if no then don't check it.
what do you say about this 2 pattern in that area at 1H time
bullish kane
and bullish crab
mehdisdt mehdisdt
@mehdisdt, i thing crab will work
mehdisdt mehdisdt
@mehdisdt, crab is active now
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