USDJPY has some unfinished business. The rest hit target already

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
Hi guys,

a quick update regarding my dollar outlook for this week as posted on YouTube. I received some questions about USDJPY . As you might have seen all trades have been successful and it is about managing it to the max now. Last week we knew that the dollar needed to correct and this week we finished the minimum requirements for all dollar pairs but USDJPY . I still see USDJPY lower before it is ready to do anything else. I mean by that; we need to close that gap before we might see a bullish impulse medium/long term. Safe trades




評論: By 'this weeks' target I refer to the targets structure wise set by me in my latest video, it can take more time than just this week to reach it.
評論: All trades hit target, check my latest video on YouTube (Tim Stuyts) for updates!
Have a nice weekend
Thanks for your posts, they are very educational. I also watched some of your videos online. It is very hard to learn trading by yourself without paying for overly expensive courses and thanks to people like you it is possible to learn how to think. Hope you keep it up.
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TimStuyts epitome
@epitome, you're welcome! Safe trades!
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